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If you are a publisher based in the UK and not yet registered with PLS, please complete and return the below form to register for collective licensing. If you are a publisher based in the US or a publisher based in the EU, other forms are available to download.

To be read in conjunction with:

General Terms and Conditions | Distribution Charter | Code of Conduct
and subject to your settings in PLS Account Manager

Your Agreement with Publishers’ Licensing Services

The Publisher hereby grants to Publishers’ Licensing Services Ltd (PLS®) the non-exclusive rights set out in the PLS General Terms and Conditions and is subject to the choices, settings and exclusions (if any) in relation to titles, rights licences and territories that the Publisher makes to its account details in PLS Account Manager. When completed and submitted to PLS and accepted by PLS in accordance with clause 3.1 of the PLS General Terms and Conditions, this Publisher Account Form (together with the Publisher’s Settings in PLS Account Manager, the PLS General Terms and Conditions, the PLS Distribution Charter and the PLS Code of Conduct) forms a binding contract between the Publisher and PLS.The Publisher Account may be amended at any time by the Publisher in accordance with the PLS General Terms and Conditions.

PLS Account Manager

Your settings in PLS Account Manager are an integral part of your contract with PLS. PLS Account Manager is the online service through which you are able to manage your licensing options.

If you have not previously signed a contract with PLS you will be sent log-in details by e-mail on completion and acceptance by PLS of this Account Form.

Please replace the default settings with your own settings where appropriate. The default settings will apply unless they are changed by you.

Company / Organisation details

Mandatory field

Bank Account detailsMandatory field

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Magazine publishers only

Trade Association membership

Contact details

Mandatory field

Main Contact

The Main Contact is your designated contact for all communications from PLS.

Finance Contact: (If different from Main Contact)

The Finance Contact will receive invoices and remittance advice payment emails when a payment is due. NB: payment emails can ONLY be sent to one designated contact.

Permissions Contact (PLSclear - if different from Main Contact)

PLSclear is a service that routes permissions requests to the appropriate contact in your company.

Next steps

1. Click the "Submit" button below and wait for the PDF to load.
If the Print button is unclickable, please check all fields to ensure they are all completed fully and correctly
2. Save the PDF.
3. When you have completed this form, please email it to